Run for State Office!

State Officer Opportunities

Through FCCLA’s various leadership experiences, members have an opportunity to discover their inner leaders and advocates.

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As an integral part of FCCLA, running for office allows members to discover and develop their leadership.


Through officer positions, members have the opportunity to inspire future generations of leaders within their communities.


Officer positions allow members to empower themselves and others to take on the various challenges of the 21st century.


Officers work hand-in-hand with FCCLA leadership, helping the organization go Towards New Horizons.

State Officer

The Florida FCCLA State Executive Council (SEC) is composed of up to eight elected students from across the state. The State Executive Council serves as the main leadership body of the state association and leads the organization by planning and implementing membership initiatives and community service projects, and helping to advocate for Family and Consumer Science Education.

Through the State Executive Council, members are able to learn valuable skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Note: The deadline provided in the State Officer Application may be different than the one set by your district. Please ensure to be in contact with your Chapter Adviser in order to ensure you turn in your application on time for both the District and the State. All applicants must be cleared/approved by their District Adviser to run for State Office. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact your District Adviser.

Step-by-Step Guide

Ensure you are eligible to run for State office! Click here to view the qualifications. Decide which office you’d like to run for. Click here to read a description of each office.

Once you’ve decided to run for a State Officer position, fill out the Intent-to-Run form to notify the State Office.

Once you have approval from your District Adviser, start filling out the application! Make sure to work on it with your parent/guardian(s) and your Chapter Adviser. The application deadline for the State Office is Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024. All items requiring submission to the State Office must be sent via email to Mailed items will no longer be accepted.

Study the last two pages of the State Officer Handbook/Application to ensure you are prepared for the State Officer Candidate Sessions at the 2024 State Leadership Conference.

Get ready for the 2024 State Leadership Conference (SLC)! Once the Application Deadline has passed, you will be receiving updates via E-Mail regarding your application, in addition to information needed to schedule your Pre-SLC State Officer Candidate Orientation Session.

If you have any questions/updates regarding your application and/or any components of the State Officer Candidate Process, please e-Mail the State Office at

District Officer

As a District Officer, members have the opportunity to lead within their District. District Officers are instrumental to the organization of the district and primarily focus on the implementation of membership programs, community outreach, etc.

Through this position, students are able to interact with members and the State Executive Council, ensuring that all programs hosted within the district are reaching chapters.

Interested in running? Use the application below and contact your District Adviser for more details.

Note: The deadline provided in the file may be different than the one set by your district. Please consult district policies in order to ensure you turn in your application on time.

Available Positions

State Officer Candidates may run for the following positions if they qualify:


  • President-Elect: Elected to serve a two-year term. Must be a High School Freshman or Sophomore at the time of running. Juniors and Seniors are not eligible to run for this position. The President-Elect is responsible for learning all the duties and responsibilities of the State President, implementing membership programs and initiatives, and working with State Staff to ensure the success of the organization. If elected to the position, the President-Elect will be inducted as the State President at the following State Leadership Conference. Following the conclusion of their State President year, they will be required to serve for one additional year on Florida FCCLA’s Board of Directors.

Vice President of Junior Relations

  • Vice President of Junior Relations: Elected to serve a one-year term. Must be a Middle School 7th or 8th Grader at the time of running. 6th graders and high schoolers are not eligible to run for this position. The State Vice President of Junior Relations is responsible for representing all middle school members on the State Executive Council, as well as learning the ins and outs of the Council. Through this position, the Junior Relations officer will be able to work with the State President-Elect in coordinating membership materials and programs, as well as helping encourage Middle-Level Affiliation.

Regional Office

  • Regional Office: Elected to serve a one-year term. Must be a High School Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior at the time of running. Seniors are not eligible to run for this position. Regional Officers are responsible for representing their assigned region, as well as filling one of the five rotative administrative offices of the State Executive Council. These officers do not campaign to be assigned a rotative office, rather, they campaign for their regional office spot on the Council.
  • Rotative Office Assignments are then decided by the State Executive Council as a whole, taking into account skills, strengths and weaknesses, and officer interests. Final approval of Rotative Office Assignment comes from the incoming State President.
  • Rotative Offices include: Parliamentary Law, Careers and Alumni, Community Service, Management, and Public Relations.

Qualifications & Responsibilities for State Officers


The State Officer Candidate Should:

  1. All candidates must be affiliated members of affiliated chapters.
  2. The candidates for office of President-Elect must be in the 9th or 10th grade. Candidates for the
    office of Vice-President of Junior Relations may be in the 7th or 8th grades. Candidates for
    other offices may be in the 9th, 10th or 11th grades.
  3. All candidates must have held or be holding a chapter, city/county council or district office.
  4. All candidates must have passing grades in all subjects, with an unweighted grade point
    average of 3.0 for the previous 3 semesters.
  5. All candidates must have no evidence of suspension or expulsions from any school attended.
  6. All candidates must have no evidence of anti-social behavior as exemplified by police arrest,
    police record or adjudication by a court of law.
  7. All candidates must meet the requirements on the current application form.
  8. Be neat, well–groomed and have good manners
  9. Display emotional maturity and high moral standards
  10. Display leadership abilities and initiatives
  11. Assume and carry through with responsibilities
  12. Be tactful, cooperative and considerate of others
  13. Display a good command of the English language
  14. Follow the respective code of conducts at all times

Attendance Responsibilities:

  1. Transition Meeting at State Conference: Approximately 3 hours
  2. Training Session: Approximately 2 days in April
  3. Summer Council: Approximately 3 days in June
  4. Winter Council: Approximately 3 days in January
  5. Script Writing: Approximately 2 days in the Fall
  6. State Conference: Approximately 4 days in the Spring
  7. National Conference: Approximately 5 days in July
  8. All district meetings and activities
  9. Invitations from other chapters or local, state and civic organizations when approved by state, district, or local adviser. When the State Office requests the presence of a sate officer at a particular function, these expenses will be paid by the association upon presentation of receipts for travel by the state officer.
  10. Other meetings as designated by the State Executive Director