Competitive Events


Why Competitive Events?

FCCLA’s competitive events allow members to discover their leadership potential and hone in on skills they never knew they had! With 30+ events to choose from, members are sure to find something they love.

Competitive Event Resources

STAR Events Guidelines and Rubrics

Visit your Affiliation Chapter Portal to view the current STAR Event Guidelines.

Culinary Arts Competitive Event Resources

The below resources are for use in the 2023-2024 District Culinary Arts Competitive Events.

FEFACS Logo Contest

Competing @ SLC

State Online Orientation Form

This online orientation form MUST be completed prior to attending the 2024 Florida FCCLA State Leadership Conference. You must view the video and submit the form in-person @ SLC.

Culinary Arts Menus (SLC)

Florida FCCLA Proficiency Events

The Florida FCCLA Proficiency Events allow members to experience a variety of exclusive events made for the State of Florida, challenging members to be creative, think critically, and apply the knowledge learned throughout the organization to demonstrate understanding of their event.

Extra Resources?

If you are in need of other resources, most can be found on the chapter portal.

  • Students: ask your adviser for the student portal login to access important documents needed for your competition.
  • If you believe there is a file you are not able to find, please email