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Representing FCCLA professionally and modernly is the start of a successful chapter. It all starts with our organization’s logo and your chapter’s use.

National Policy on Logo Use

The FCCLA name, acronym, logo, and tagline play a very important role for the organization. They serve as an immediately recognizable visual identity for the people who know FCCLA – FCS teachers, members, non-members, school administration, and parents. These marks are FCCLA’s most recognizable feature.

The trademarks of an organization with a history as rich and long as FCCLA also represents the values and ideals of the organization – family, career, community, leadership, and youth. When FCCLA’s audiences see a business card, website, flyer, or apparel displaying the FCCLA marks, those values and ideals come to mind.

The importance of properly presenting the trademarks cannot be overstated. Consistent presentation of the mark suggests stability and reliability of the organization it represents. It suggests professionalism and commitment to detail – strong characteristics that describe FCCLA and its members. The presentation of the FCCLA marks should illustrate those attributes.

Download Official Logos

Visit to download the official logos for your use.

If you would like a customized logo for use in your Florida Chapter, use the form below.

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